Covid-19 World War III

Covid-19 World War III

CDC Fraud and Admissions
Marxist Democrat MSM Runs Cover-up

There’s a difference in dying from bio-weapon C-19 and dying with it. Of the COVID deaths falsified by the globalist organization CDC, 94% had other causes.

//According to government-forced admissions, the CDC claimed 182,000 “C-19 related deaths” in the United States at the time of the report. Key words – “related deaths!”

After U.S. government intervention, the CDC quietly released a report that only 6% of C-19 deaths since February 2020 were from Covid-19. The CDC quietly reduced that to 5%…

The other 94% who died with C-19 suffered from Fatal pre-existing conditions:

Cardiovascular disease / Diabetes / Lung disease / Cancer / Compromised Immune System / Old age / Infirmity / Influenza / Pneumonia / Respiratory failure / AIDS HIV / Cardiac arrest / Injury / Poisoning / Accidents / Other medical conditions / Etceteras

The math is shocking: Of the 182,000 Covid-19 deaths at the time of that CDC admission, 6% is 11,000 deaths caused from C-19 in America. Never in U.S. history has the medical industry reported someone dying from pre-existing conditions, while dying from something else. //Globalists. Democrats. And their Jewish Marxist MSM had an agenda. They failed after four years to unseat a sitting U.S. president. The “Trial and Acquittal of the Century” on February 5, 2020 exposed key players in the largest mass treason scheme in U.S. history. Treason carries a penalty of 20 years in Federal Prison or death. None of them wanted to hang!

Where are the bio-hard receptacles to dispose of masks?
How does a mask filter a virus smaller than it can filter?
How does all this work out with a 99.9% recovery rate?
Where are the piles of dead C-19 bodies?

The DEAD are coming. All of that was a setup for the DNA modifying, self replicating, self spreading Vaxxine designed to reduce the earth’s population by 75%.

The Marxist cabals had backup plans and they launched them immediately! They backed up non-existent C-19 global ‘pandemic’ with simultaneous nationwide rioting, arson, looting and destruction never seen before in U.S. history!

////And here we are.

Millions of mindless democrats caught in the biggest hoax in human history to destroy White Western Civilization, still wear useless Biden Bumper Stickers across their face.

The Fix was In

The fix was in with the Clinton-Obama regime
The fix was in with Marxist Democrat MSM

They expected Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 presidential election in the biggest landslide in U.S. history. They pushed that scenario with multiple billions of dollars and every media and political scheme they had against every opponent. Specifically, White American Patriots.

The presidential opponent became “THE” far-flung political outsider. The anti-Obama, anti-Hillary long shot bucking their financial and political stranglehold on America. Their media sneered, ‘Not a prayer in hell.’ Marxist Democrat MSM savagely derided the man for over a year.

Then something happened

Hillary Rodham Clinton (Jewess) lost to the flamboyant real estate developer, Donald J. Trump! The largest most unexpected upset in U.S. history. Americans elected the 20:1 ‘long-shot outsider’ for president of the United States!

Globalists and Marxist media panicked in fear and lost their minds. President Trump also became the most savagely maligned president in U.S. history. He also became the corrupt media’s worst nightmare!

Why? Marxist MSM and Globalists had joined forces to hijack our government, our wealth and U.S. Constitution. For decades, they maneuvered for unconditional control over the wealthiest and most powerful military nation on earth.


To enforce their long planned ‘One World Order.’

Jewish Marxist MSM ran contrived scandal after scandal in a 4.5 year Globalist Coup against Our President.

//They had to cover up the largest Mass Treason in U.S. history. Hillary lost and couldn’t protect the players that dated back to George H.W. Bush. He coined the phrase ‘New World Order’ and its mass media indoctrination narratives. They projected that straight through Bill Clinton. To George W. Bush. To Barry Soetoro and finally to Hillary Clinton.

The Marxist cabal lost and resorted to their “Insurance Policy.” The conflict-ridden Impeachment schemes designed to distract, confuse and divide Americans even further. Multiple schemes promoted by Marxist MSM and Jewish social media. They planned to take out President Trump and VP Pence on complicity in federal indictments.

They would vacate the White House. Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, would step in as president and planned to appoint Hillary Clinton VP. The Speaker would resign and Hillary would become president and Commander In Chief of the mightiest military on the planet.

She could protect their vulnerable players and operate their ‘One World Order’ with a hijacked U.S. Presidency from the White House. International Clinton Foundation ‘Pay to Play’ schemes would run full throttle against every nation on earth. //That Scheme Failed!

Something else happened

The ‘Acquittal & Trial of the Century” bulldozed decades of Marxist planning over a cliff. Their two articles of Impeachment had no actionable foundation. None!

On February 5, 2020, MSM had no choice but Televise that ruling from the floor of the United States Senate. The floodgates on decades of treason slammed shut. They failed to take out President Trump. They failed to seize the White House and shield decades of murder, treason, sedition and subversive activities.

Since the shock “Trial and Acquittal,’ President Trump deployed U.S. Military five times in one month. Not overseas. Here in the USA. Including 10,000 National Guard Troops into Washington, D.C.

“Trump and the Patriots,” (loyal cabinet members and Intelligence agents) sped up efforts to dismantle the Obama Shadow presidency, its power and socioeconomic control racked up since George H.W. Bush.

//Yes, he was a ‘republican.’
//But he was a NWO globalist traitor.

They Played Their Last Cards

Take Down the Entire Nation

Nineteen democrat presidential candidates failed in the most embarrassing political debacle the United States ever. A disaster of incompetent Marxist activists posturing for attention across a stage televised to the entire world.

They knew none of them would win anything, let alone a presidential nomination. The whole purpose was to televise endless Marxist indoctrination from 19 different sycophants to the entire nation for an entire year.

Enter x-Barry Soetoro ‘VP’ Joseph Robinette Biden.
The know nothing do nothing 20+ year senator that never had his name on a single congressional bill. Zero.

Enter Kamala Harris, the token BLACK slut. The sleazy, radical Marxist communist half-breed that slept her way into politics. AKA, an evil, trash mouthed democrat.

There you have it, America!
The desperate 11th Hour DEMOCRAT ‘nominees.’

Something else happened!

If that is even possible at this point.

…all that national level subterfuge in eight months?
…eight quick months of democrat madness.
…either that or hang by the neck until dead.
…tried and sentenced by military tribunals.
…our military already hanged some at GITMO.
…Look closely. Many you see are doppelgangers.

What happened?

We caught them in largest National Election Frauds (plural) in U.S. history. Congressional Senate and Representative Elections –and- President of the United States.

The Marxist Communist takeover of the Nation we founded and built. The greatest, wealthiest, most powerful nation in the history of this planet. Control that, and communism controls the world.

Sit tight America

Joe Biden is not President of the United States.

Documented, legitimate record shows that Americas elected Donald J. Trump U.S. President in a massive landslide.

As high as 90 million votes.

What we see taking place, is the final stages of the largest RogueOps Sting Operation in U.S. History

Not only in the United States but across Europe.Exposing communist Chinese and other complicit multinational globalist players.

All Marxist communists.
All hell-bent on overthrowing America.
America’s Money. Our national wealth.
America’s abundant resources.
Lumber. Food. Oil. Minerals.

Our Intelligent. Inventive. Productive citizens.
Our Treaties. Trade. And our Military.

Without control of the White Anglo-Saxon Christian that conceived, engineered and built this greatest of all nations, without that and so much more their satanic Marxist communist One World Order collapses.

Globalist Agenda 21

Enter Lab-engineered Bio-weapon Covid-19. The Largest Fear and Panic Deception ever conceived! A lightning war of endless false news chronicles coordinated by AI (Artificial Intelligence) flooded the planet.

Jewish Marxist MSM globalists shut down the entire U.S. within weeks of dumping counterfeit Imperial College models of imminent death on the White House. Their U.S. models projected 2.2 million dead by April if President Trump didn’t act immediately. //But Trump did not shut down America! Rogue governors and mayors did. Trump watched and maneuvered around them.

By the end of May, MSM reported 80,000 deaths. Realistically 35K discounting pneumonia influenza (PI) and tens of thousands of other non-Covid related deaths they shuffled into the mix. The Imperial College ratio is 60:1 against real numbers. Models now exposed as massive frauds that betray scientific analysis.

The DEAD are coming. All of that was a setup for the DNA modifying, self replicating, self spreading Vaxxine designed to reduce the earth’s population by 75%.

Globalist Agenda 22

Jewish Marxist MSM pushed Fear and Panic higher and higher through instant, global AI coordinated news broadcasts. Within weeks, schools shut down. Shopping centers, malls, parks, hotels, resort communities, small businesses, towns, cities and entire states. Unprepared city-dwellers swarmed like locusts into Rural America. They stripped grocery store shelves bare of food and supplies. Then drained their gas stations and left.

That sent a message to ‘Flyover Country.’
Do not allow that to happen again… Not ever!

Rogue governors and mayors ordered an entire nation under house arrest. Two weeks later, the U.S. economy faltered. In another week, it began to collapse. Marxist MSM pushed the airwaves harder and kept fear and panic at a fever pitch despite globalist operatives WHO and CDC exposed for not only ‘cooking the numbers’ but char-broiling them.

Businesses by the hundreds of thousands teetered on the edge of bankruptcy. Millions failed. They arrested citizens for going outside their homes. For non-essential travel. For everything but groceries, medical and gas.

Masks? ‘Social’ distancing? They turned an entire nation into lock-step automatons. No facial expressions. No pretty girls smiling or blushing. Masked, neutered faceless drones by the millions! //They got away with all of it. Or have they?

Trump and the Patriots have other plans

President Trump always knew what Globalists were doing and why. As he could, he played their gambits against them. Enemies foreign and domestic began falling like leaves off a poisoned tree. More and more traitors exposed themselves. Former CIA officials called for the death penalty on Brennan, Comey and Clapper. Marxist MSM, Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Schiff, Nader and Schumer miscalculated decades of mass treason and multiple Coup attempts. They failed to overthrow the United States president and the American people in the process.

The traps sprung shut.

 Covid World War III Status

Without Marxist MSM pushing Fear & Panic, none of this could have happened. None of it!
//41,000,000 Americans would still have their jobs.
//Millions of shuttered businesses would still be operating in a strong Trump economy recovering even more from the Obama Marxist regime.
//Trump’s lowest unemployment rated in decades would be even better.
//Black crime would not have skyrocketed during the fictional C-19 pandemic that never existed except in the media. That set the stage for what came next!
//What came next? The real killer. The self-replicating, DNA modification Vaxxine that creates GMO humans!
//The Covid-19 globalist fraud to destroy Europe and the USA failed to usher in their One World Order.

Struck with terror, Democrats launched a nationwide scorched earth lightning war with more Marxist MSM media diversions.

Blacks, blacks … and more blacks dominated their ‘news cycles.’ In another of many frame-ups, they manipulated White police officer Derek Chauvin –and- counterfeit money dealer and Fentanyl addict Negro George Floyd into an arrest scenario.

It couldn’t be just anyone. Media needed a White cop to ‘murder’ an ‘innocent’ Negroid ‘victim’. Evidence revealed that he died from a Fentanyl overdose, not from a cop choking him to death. Democrat MSM set off the most massive, destructive wave of savage black riots, murder, rape, burglary and arson in U.S. history.

Black anarchists began burning down America. They gunned down police, set hundreds of police vehicles ablaze and burned down Precinct stations across the nation. Savage black mobs stormed the White House grounds and wounded several Secret Service agents. Black savages, with a smatter of white trash radical leftists, Mexicans and Asians in the mix rioted by the tens of thousands nationwide. Arson. Murder. Rape. Looting and billions in property destruction.

Nationwide ‘instant-on-demand’ rioting coordinated by George Soros and Bill Ayers types spread nationwide overnight and shut down every metro city in America!

//Why any anarchist is still alive that engaged in this insurrection and ‘scorched earth’ warfare against America is bizarre. Democrats set all those arrested free!

America Remains Open

Subversive Marxist Communist schemes to destroy America’s economy, our Nation and President Trump’s reelection all failed.

Meanwhile, since that “Trial & Acquittal of the Century,” President Trump has merged the outlaw ‘Federal Reserve’ with the U.S. Treasury. He killed their usury debt system and its stranglehold on Americans. That would be trillions of dollars in debt-interest on counterfeit fiat money for 107 years. In 1833, President Jackson killed the “2nd U.S. Bank” (Fed). Rothschild resurrected it in 1913 on Jekyll Island with the aid of traitor, Woodrow Wilson. Not for another 187 years has a U.S. President shut them down. Not since ‘Old Hickory’ Andrew Jackson.


America entered into the greatest recovery since the Great Depression. President Trump slashed Interest debt and mandated lower and lower interest rates that approached zero. Not since the Revolutionary War. Not since the 1929 Depression manipulated by the 1913 Federal Reserve. Not since Rothschild unconstitutionally took control of our money and economy.

With our money, charged with debt interest, Rothschild cabals launched WWI, Russia Bolshevik Revolution, WWII, Korea, Cold War, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia … and multiple billions in payouts to bandit U.N. organizations and Shithole 3rd World cesspools. Americans paid unlawful debt interest on all of it. Trillions of dollars of our money went directly into their pockets for over a century! Think on that…

//President Trump dragged America’s enemies out of the shadows. Citizen Patriots are fully aware. Stronger. More committed than ever! The lines are drawn. Patriots can see the enemy, all of them. It won’t end well for traitors.

Title 18 U.S. Criminal Codes—
Up to 20 Years or Death—

1807 Insurrection Act
18 U.S. Code § Chapter 115:

Treason. Sedition. Subversive Activities

18 U.S. Code § 2383: Rebellion

10 U.S. Code §§ 251-255. Ch. 13: Insurrection

We can hear the racket of hammer blows and saws buzzing.

That’s the sound of Patriots and DOJ building gallows…

…in Washington, D.C. Public Square.

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