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edinburgh castle
Templar MRCMap

A RogueOps Assassins' Novel


Release Date: 2023


Law of War


A joint Federal Task Force ran a four-year sting operation against the most powerful and corrupt banking CEO in U.S. history.

They arrested John Winston.

In closed sessions, they indicted him on charges of embezzling 420 billion dollars through five Federal Reserve banks. The public knew nothing about any of it. Including the death penalty for transnational political and corporate murder to cover up his crimes.

John Winston turned state’s evidence and surrendered information to the DOJ and U.S. Attorney General. Bank accounts. Files. Photographs. Names and addresses. Winston implicated high levels of congress. Corporate CEOs. Media. Big pharma. Major utilities. Education. Key players in international pedophilia, adrenochrome harvesting and White child sex trafficking.

But not so fast. It was a ruse.
They were his expendable players.

During three weeks of interrogation, the U.S. attorney general realized he couldn’t go public with a trial. And he couldn’t execute John Winston when he smiled and quietly told the AG he had digital Dead Man Switches. His death would trigger them and unmask international players at the highest levels of government across America and Europe.

From the British Crown to U.S. presidents-


They had a problem-

John Winston returned from ‘vacation’ a free man. He walked through the front doors as though nothing had happened and resumed his position as CEO at the New York Federal Reserve bank and CFO for the United Nations. Not his subordinates or the public would ever know about his arrest, or about 420 billion dollars that vanished.


Target 1 //

RogueOps analyzed the Winston Intel and conceived a contingency plan to trigger the switches and unmask his network of global players. To hell with international fallout.

High tech military specialists and RogueOps assassins had already prepared to hunt them down and kill them all.

They have a problem

Before they kill John Winston, he must surrender the most valuable National Security Intel ever to emerge in U.S. History.

A 14th Century Knights Templar land claim.
A lawful S
cottish land claim initiated by Sinclair and the Royal Stewarts. A lawful claim to one third of the United States land mass/ and one fifth of Eastern Canada.

An explosive land claim concealed since its discovery on American soil in 1898. It was a claim marker chiseled into a buried Rune Stone at the base of a giant oak tree.

They have another problem.

John Winston is the only person that knows where the title claim is. He removed it from a New York Federal Reserve deposit box and concealed it from his co-conspirators.

Hidden somewhere in the guarded, fortified vast environs of Edinburgh Castle, Scotland.

Target 2 //

RogueOps must secure the land claim before Winston's cohorts get to it first and kill him. If they do, they won’t care if they trigger the Dead Man switches. No one will move against them. They would hold the wild card. The land title that can destroy America and deliver the nation into their hands.


RogueOps Sniper Assassins

Inga Jorgensen and Kristjen Eriksson deploy.
Itinerary- Kidnap John Winston.

Transport him to Scotland. Secure the Title claim.
Put a bullet through in his head in a bloody public execution and trigger the switches.

Mission Plan-

Seize the Title Lands that encompass 1/3 of the United States land mass. The entire Mississippi watershed beginning from the Missouri River headwaters at Three Forks Montana. All tributaries and adjacent lands from the Continental Divide across America to Lake Michigan and downriver to the Gulf of Mexico.

Seize the adjoining Red River watershed to the north in Canada. Annex 1/5th of Northeast Canada.

The democrat Marxist Regime had unlawfully seceded eleven (11) U.S. States. They de facto declared themselves 'Sanctuary States' and harbored millions of illegal aliens and violet criminals. Intent, build an invasion army within the United States. Effectively separate from the Legal United States of America.

RogueOps declare them hostile communist Nation States at war with America. 

RogueOps secedes the Title lands in one chunk and cuts off the Rogue nation states. 

Expel all Hostile Anti-Whites-

Put down subversion, insurrection and socioeconomic chaos. Execute the worst belligerents.

Targets- Chicago. Philadelphia. Detroit, San Francisco. Seattle. Portland etc etc... Deal with them permanently.

Create 'prison cities' out of the most hostile.
Block all Interstate ingress and egress points.
Round up and expatriate all nonwhites.

Establish a true new nation, 'Nation America'
...on the Title Lands-

Protect the founding Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Celtic, Nordic and Scandinavian peoples. The greatest warriors, culture and civilization builders in the history of this planet.

Build fortified walls in the manner of biblical Jericho and other cities throughout history. Use seized and vacated cities as material warehouses depots and quarries. 


Inga Jorgensen sat alone an alfresco café overlooking the valley 740 feet below. She took a sip of iced tea and watched a handsome young waiter set her lunch on the table.

Inga caught his eye, smiled and winked.

He flushed red and walked off ruffled.
The striking woman was way out of his league.

Snow capped peaks of the Bavarian Alps towered above the Tyrol valley. It was spring in Kitzbühel, Austria. You could still ski. The valley had come alive. Hillsides were velvet green. Bright red purple and yellow flowers bloomed. Songbirds filled the air. Sparkling creeks babbled full with melting snow...


Inga's glass shattered into a thousand pieces.

She shoved the heavy wood table over.
It crashed to the deck.

Inga went down behind it and pulled her HK 9mm.

She waited...


Inga stole a glance around the edge.

More rifle shots ripped across the valley.


Bullets blew through the heavy wood table.
Oak shrapnel exploded across the café deck.


// -Old Fashioned American Vigilante Justice
// -Blood Guts and Bullets worked in the Old West
// -It works in this bloodstained war against America


Blood. Guts. Bullets. Terror and destruction spread across America. The Anglo-Saxon had no choice. They must kill everyone that had stood against them for two centuries.

The greatest warriors, culture and civilization builders in the history of this planet will not perish from the land they founded and built out of wilderness.

... ...