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Release Date: December 28, 2019
Pages: 140


RogueOps Book ZERO



RogueOps Book ZERO is the introduction to the RogueOps organization.

RogueOps deploy high tech specialists into the killing fields of international intrigue. Military assassins and snipers airlift across the globe on Hawke’s Gulfstream jets, Sikorsky helicopters and PBY amphibians. Intercept teams set sail on his 214-foot weaponized, tactical sailing yachts.

Target 1 ///
Hunt down a lost Nazi bunker. RogueOps race across the South Pacific to intercept a bandit Israeli faction before they find it. They must stop them before they deliver the Nazi 'blueprints' and the bunker's valuable contents into the wrong hands.

Target 2 ///
Intercept a key player in international narcotics, mercenary deployment and White sex trafficking. RogueOps must rescue fourteen innocent Aryan girls 12 to 14 years old. Alfonso Urraca holds them captive at his remote million-acre rancho headquarters in Paraguay. The girls are special gifts for South American and Middle East players flying private jets into Rancho Urraca for a clandestine meeting.

///-Vigilante justice, bullets and guts worked in the Old West. It works in this bloodstained war against America.