RogueOps Sniper Assassin Novel


The RogueOps saga begins …

The Secretary of Defense, Director of National Intelligence, and Director of the FBI received Intel that President Alistair Scott was on a hit list for assassination. The order originated from the Marxist Communist League, heads of the Davos World Forum that listed them on the hit list as well.

Intel members discussed their options in a secret meeting. At the end of the meeting they decide to bring in RogueOps to oversee their plans. RogueOps must track down, intercept the bad guys and deal out swift and deadly justice in the manner of the Old West. A band of American Vigilantes.


Equatorial South Atlantic—

Lachlan Hawke, Commander of the private military sniper assassins group RogueOps, was sailing to a rendezvous with his brother Gary and Gary's family when a shattering message came over his radio.

"Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Hawke, this is Gary! Hostiles fired on us!
"They are about to overtake us!"

“Gary! This is Hawke! You have weapons.
"Open fire!
I’m on my way. I’m on my way!”
The Mayday calls kept coming.

“Gary, do you copy? Copy back! Copy back!"


Hawke slammed the throttles to red line. He arrived at his brother's boat two and a half hours later. Gary's boat sat listless in the hot afternoon sun. 

The pirates were gone.

Hawke looked in horror at the mangled bodies of his brother and his family hanging from the lower mast spreader of their boat.


One Year Later

The director of computer operations looked at Hawke.

"We located Magus Sammada."
"Who the hell is he?"
Magus Sammada murdered your brother."


RogueOps is born...