Anglo-Saxon Culture Warriors

Anglo-Saxon Culture Warriors

Throughout our history,
A Call to Arms was never an idle act!

We are the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Celtic, Scandinavian and Nordic peoples. The greatest warriors, Culture and Civilization builders in the history of this planet. //We founded, engineered and built our crowning glory, America, out of wilderness. No one else can make those claims. No one! //Inferior sub-culture/ counter-cultures have always been our nemesis that rape our culture, civilization and plunder our prosperity.

The ‘Trial and Acquittal of the Century’ exposed key congressional traitors on February 5, 2020. Since then we have watched them panic. We have watched the domestic enemy and their leaders expose themselves state by state, mayor by mayor launch a blitzkrieg revolution. We know their tactics. Their numbers. Their ability. //Look around. The bloody Anglo-Saxon has not yet begun to fight this Communist Bolshevik revolution on American soil! //By the time they realize we have… It will be over!

Insurrection Act, 10 U.S.C. §§ 251–255
10 U.S.C. §246 Militia of the United States
60 million Patriots rise up at the stroke of a pen

We are the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic, Scandinavian and Nordic peoples—

//We are taking back America from inferior sub-cultures destroying what we conceived, engineered and built. //We don’t need them and never have! The exception is 15% of color. Productive, hard working fellow Patriots. The contradiction is their other 85%. A radical, oppositional social and economic liability that destroys our culture and prosperity. Of which feeds and supports them but they haven’t the mental capacity to understand that.

Average IQ: Whites, 112 // Abstract thinking, unlimited
Average IQ: blacks, 81 // Abstract thinking, none

Race and IQ directly correlate to the level of civilization, crime rates, the ability to learn and progress from one state to a higher state of civilization. Race and IQ determine the level of GDP and personal achievement.

It connects the ability to advance unobstructed when we prohibit sub-cultures from compromising Anglo-Saxon civilization.

//Blacks do not advance for a number of reasons. They are not doctors. They are not mathematicians. Composers. Engineers or Builders. Their base intelligence and corresponding ‘culture’ is one reason they cannot build beyond elementary jungle-type villages.

//Fine for them, that’s what they are.
//But the Anglo-Saxon is not them!

Another reason is they have no capacity for abstract thinking. To think, to create or to solve problems. To think about principles. Abstract is to contemplate and understand ideas and objects not physically present.

They view time, their state of being as a perpetual present. Whatever that might be ‘now.’ Unless influenced through a mulatto mix of White DNA and genes, they have no concept of tomorrow or yesterday. They are day-to-day, moment-by-moment hunter-gatherers and scavengers. A tribal, warlike culture. Example, city gangland rioting nationwide destroying everything in their path like mindless army ants, locusts or jackals.

No one needs to look any further than once great U.S. cities the Anglo-Saxon founded engineered and built, by and for Anglo-Saxons. Most of those cities are now majority black with radical left wing black mayors. The results are clear. Sub-culture squalor, filth and degradation. Unmanageable crime. Cities abandoned by White Flight and left to counter-culture destruction. Look at them! //Barry Soetoro was right, “We didn’t build that.” //No… and neither did they.

They wrecked it.

Marxist ‘Multicultural Ethnic Diversity’

The most destructive Jewish scheme ever devised. A scheme for what? Destroy White culture and civilization on a global scale. That means all of Western Civilization. Non-white political chicanery, deception and corruption deliberately ran amok. Witness everywhere that non-whites got a foothold and displaced productive White citizens by the millions. And what do they have now? …absolute wreck and ruin shitholes. And that is their culture. Fine for them, but not for the Anglo-Saxon.

We Conceived. Engineered and Built America.

They want it. They demand it. Witness ANTIFA and BLM savages rioting out of control in every American City they haven’t already destroyed. One of the BLM founders just bought a $3,000,000 home in a White neighborhood. And millions more on houses in other White neighbors.

//We know what he intends doing…
//From shithole cities, to your front door!

Parasitic multicultural-diversity is a depraved satanic Marxist communist Jewish scheme. The most deadly ‘virus’ ever devised. It utterly destroys its host culture and renders it into the sub-culture they send to occupy and destroy.

Not a conscious deliberate destruction on behalf of blacks and other sub-culture non-whites. It’s because they are incapable of sustaining what we build, let alone conceive and engineer it.

Negro Population Percentage

This Does Not include other non-white populations.

Warring gangs, Mexicans. Philippinos. Hondurans. Cubans. Guatemalans and so on. The parasitic anti White, sub-cultures pillaging the America we conceived engineered and built.

The America that feeds, houses, doctors and pays for their unconscionable crime and destruction at every conceivable level tallied into the trillions of dollars. Year after year after year…

These numbers are for the entire city
The black and non-white “Zones” are 99%

Detroit, 86%

Memphis, 69%

Baltimore, 67%

New Orleans, 65%

Baton Rouge, 63%

Atlanta, 57%

Newark, 57%

Cleveland 56%

St. Louis, 55%.

Philadelphia, 49%

Chicago, 48%

D.C., 54%. Our Nation’s Capital.

Rapidly multiplying with out of control breeding.

Non-whites destroyed those great cities with anti-White, black brown and other savages. They hate all Whites. The Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Nordic and kindred peoples!

The hands that feed them.

They revile us. They exclusively target and gang rape our innocent young girls. They destroy their lives. Many forever. Many commit suicide. They destroy our White neighborhoods. Our schools. Our culture and everything else that is good and wholesome. The greatest civilization builders in the history of this planet.


Yet they are EQUAL in every way.
Prove it!

Rebuild our great cities and their founding culture, all of them, back to what we conceived, engineered and built! The most beautiful, prosperous and productive cities in the history of this planet. Until we allowed non-white sub-cultures among us.

They can’t because they haven’t the mental resources, dedication, insight and ability to do so.

Can Inferior Sub-cultures “Build Back Better”
    They shout from media rooftops they can

Who is to blame?
Nazi, White Supremacists

Obviously, they can’t even sustain what we build.
They are not White Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Teutonic or Scandinavian and kindred peoples.
That cannot be emphasized strongly enough!

The amalgamation of inferior (yes inferior) non-white races into America came from millions of counterculture non-Aryan immigrants, legal or otherwise… breeding like rabbits.

//Baltimore. Detroit. Chicago. Miami. New York. Oakland. San Francisco. LA. Houston…on an on until this entire nation crumbles to the level of their culture… into abject ruin. //But that will not happen in America. We will eliminate that destructive enemy that openly vows to destroy us.

They publically declared war on White Folks throughout all of Western Civilization. That was a fatal mistake. Pray you are on the right side.

It’s simple. Blacks cannot sustain what the Anglo-Saxon conceives engineers and builds. Furthermore, we can no longer rebuild as fast as their sub-culture destroys. Hence, ‘White Flight’ accelerates a quick return to their level of existence. They would be better off in an African or Amazon village than derelict city ruins. They would have their civilization, their culture and a life.

//Haiti is an outrageous example. We rebuilt Haiti twice. We built new infrastructure. Roads, bridges, hospitals, housing, power plants and food production. We finished the job and left. In less than a decade, they quickly returned to their ‘culture’ and wrecked everything. //That happens wherever American taxpayers spend billions for reasons pointed out here and by many others and Marxist MSM conceals the truth.

It . Is . Not . Their . Culture!
It Never can be … It Never will be.


They cannot conceive, engineer and build let alone sustain anything that we give them. Period!

Their sub-Saharan and Amazon cultures and villages do just fine. It is their culture. It is what they do best and have for over 100,000 years! Look at National Geographic.

They do great, until Jewish manipulators enter the scene and mess everything up. As they do with White man.

We Didn’t Return to Haiti

After the second round, after the Clintons managed to make 4 billion dollars in U.S. aid disappear. We never returned to Baltimore despite a black mayor in 2018 begging White Flight to come back and help ‘them’ rebuild. Damn it, they can’t rebuild White civilization. Baltimore is now 80% black. They can’t even sustain what we engineered and built from the beginning, from the foundation of this nation. It’s clear all that they can do is reduce us to their violent, savage tribal sub-culture. //Well, no! White Flight is now ‘Flyover Country’ as Hillary Clinton described us. We still have all the food. All the guns. And all the bullets. We also have the machinery to rip large trenches across ingress and egress points. To collapse overpasses bridges and interchanges. As necessary, we can crate ‘city-prisons’ and keep them away from us. Meanwhile, they want it all!

Sanctuary States / Cities / Counties

Radical communist politicians, so far, have declared eleven (11) states as Sanctuary States. Doing that, they defacto seceded from the United States yet want the real Americans, to support their communist failures. California started the ‘revolution’ to dichotomize America a decade ago. They ‘encouraged’ 10 other Democrat states unconstitutionally to declare themselves ‘Sanctuary States.’ I.e., foreign communist Nation-States that now include 195 blue counties and metro cities.

//They build up and harbor enemy invasion forces in the tens of millions – I said tens of millions – in communist AntiFa anarchists, radical BLM black activists and illegal alien parasites. They harbor violent gangland tribal warlords running the largest narcotics and human trafficking operations on the planet. MS-13 tops the list of Mexican organized crime syndicates. There are dozens more, Combined, they control Mexico and a good chunk of the United States.

Traitor Nancy Pelosi did photo ops with MS-13 on national news. She proclaimed, “We must recognize the divinity in them because there is divinity in us.” There is no divinity in Pelosi or any of her pals Obama. Clinton. Schiff. Schumer. Nadler. Sanders. Feinstein. Boxer, Etc. All Satanic, globalist Jews!

Divinity in MS-13?
Pelosi and pals are archetype satanic psychopaths.

America’s U.S. Military is dealing with them

They violate //1807 Insurrection Act, 10 U.S.C. §§ 251–255. //18 USC Ch. 115: Treason, Sedition and Subversive Activities and other Criminal Codes. //10 U.S.C. §246 Militia of the United States, can deploy 60 million Patriots at the stroke of a pen. They are inciting bloodshed and up to 20 years in federal prison or the death penalty for their treason and violent insurrection. //Yes, they want it all. //Again, no! They get what they created, or rather systematically destroyed with deliberate Multicultural Ethnic Diversity and other communist schemes.

The point is this:
Anglo-America can also ‘secede.’

When we do, and soon of necessity, we take a third of America and one quarter of Canada with us in one unified chunk.

Named appropriately “America.”
Our compromised nation’s nickname.

Again. We have all the food
70% of our Police are Patriots and voted for Trump.
80% of our Military are Patriots and voted for Trump.

In addition, civilian patriots own all the guns, bullets and food. The rest is academic…

See the RogueOps Novel, Law of War

  “Out of Africa”…

The sooner feral savages are ‘Back in Africa’ the better. Where they will revert to their inherent sub-culture. Better for them. Better for us.

Anglo-Saxons can quickly rebuild what they wrecked and advance Aryan civilization. Without them destroying and burning down everything. With the multiple billions we spend every year to feed, clothe, doctor and house them.

Look around. White Anglo businesses sustain our society. Crime is the new black entitlement. Marxist communist governors and mayors order police to stand down. Slashing budgets 50% and disbanding others completely while turning predominately non-white criminals loose in the streets. And that deliberately sent recidivism through the stratosphere. Their intent is clear.

We are stopping this.

Emerging from sustained insurrection nationwide, rioting communist BLM and AntiFa now march and ‘patrol’ American streets armed with AK-47s. Marxist governors and mayors intend for these communist terrorists to replace Legitimate Police. Without opposition, the feral savages will slaughter White male, gang rape every White woman to death, and sell their children to anti-Christ Satanic Jewish pedophile and child sacrifice cabals.

Homicidal Mantras they chant in the streets

“Kill Whitey! … Kill Whitey!”
“What do we want?  “Dead Cops!”

 “When do we want them?

 Non-white politicians and so-called Jew controlled ‘news’ anchors make certain their audience repeatedly hears this:

“The biggest terror threat to America is White people.”

Jewish Marxist MSM ceaselessly pounds that message into the heads of savage blacks rioting across America… as ‘normal.’

We have ears and eyes! We see them run in packs like rabid animals destroying everything in their path.

//No one has stopped them from getting more aggressive and violent since ‘1960s Desegregation.’ That’s when subversive Marxists in government cut them loose on our White civilization and culture.

//Deliberately cut loose on White Anglo-Saxon Protestant society. Who else but the prosperous WASP Culture that conceived, founded, engineered and built this great nation! The people that subdued hostile wilderness, made the deserts bloom and now feed half the world.

The biggest mistake we ever made was feeding millions in third world ‘nations.’ The second mistake was providing doctors and medicine. Despite that, the result was out of control breeding and out of control population explosions. Disease, starvation and death ran off the charts as never before.

//Nature no longer ran its course. The strong perished and the weak multiplied out of control. Natural Order turned upside down! //Suddenly, illegal black ‘immigration’ reared its head by the tens of millions. But Only into White nations!

Backtrack to 1960s Desegregation

Immediately came the Negroid messiah. Their communist god, Martin Luther King. He whipped blacks into a fanatical frenzy. Where did he begin doing that en masse to millions of blacks? //From the grandeur of magnificent Anglo-Saxon architecture, from our beautiful masterpiece, the Washington D.C. Mall. Our nation’s capital. The epicenter representing the greatest, wealthiest most powerful nation in the history of this planet. The White Anglo-Saxon built this nation. Not them! //Radical activist and communist MLK started the black activist revolution against the Anglo-Saxon. In our nation! You can see the results of desegregation allowing them into our culture and society. With their media pushing the insane notion that ‘all men are created equal.’

Hell, there isn’t equality within your own household. Signers of the Declaration knew blacks were not equal and had slaves of their own. Slaves on the large were treated exceedingly well, provided for and were devoted to their ‘masters.’ Again. The signers did not consider blacks ‘men’ in the same sense. Not any more than you can look at them today and believe that. The Anglo-Saxon founded, engineered and built America for Anglo-Saxon Christians.

Negroids did not and cannot— Period!

At the same time as MLK

Suddenly out of nowhere, came the mass surge of drugs and psychedelics exclusively targeting White kids. Our next generation of White leaders! That was by design.

//Marijuana, cocaine, LSD, mescaline, peyote, hashish and heroin flooded every university campus nationwide. Marxist activists rose up everywhere, spawned the disastrous ‘hippie generation’ and anti-America revolutionary movements across America overnight. //So-called ‘civil rights blacks’ burden us with a massive negative GDP, an exploding population and unmanageable crime nationwide.

White Anglo-Saxons pay for all of it.

*See American Bolshevik Revolution

Race mixing diminishes or elevates IQ

Functional cognitive capacity diminishes in White Aryans that race mix. It increases in non-whites. Yet we are all equal in the brotherhood of man?

That’s a principal reason why Jewish Marxist MSM ‘normalizes’ Blacks-on-White women day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute indoctrination!

Remember, Jews own all media including the film industry. Not by accident, but by design. They produce advisements (the worst offenders) and sitcoms that portray blacks and other non-whites as 70% of the population when they are 12%. And portray them in a social and economic light that does not exist in real life.

These mind-altering advertisements and sitcoms promote and ‘normalize’ race mixing, deviant homosexuality and lifestyles that don’t exist in normal, Anglo-Saxon culture. They deliberately portray so-called ‘white’ actors as effeminate and weak. Blacks as virulent, athletic and attractive to beautiful White women.

Why would any woman want an effeminate sissy? They don’t! //The sitcom alternative is not a virile athletic White man, but a lesbian a queer or a ‘nigger stud!’

You get the ‘picture’ or you should

TV is the most devious, manipulative indoctrination machine ever devised. I can tell immediately during a conversation if the person watches television on a regular basis. It’s that obvious! Fewer and fewer folks still have a clear, rational mind of their own. //Why? As with an increasing number of Americans, I haven’t watched television for 10+ years. We are no longer victim drones to counter-culture, anti-White, anti-Christian Jewish indoctrination.

We can hear, see and think clearly for ourselves. We can see that ‘Indoctrination Box Idiots’ cannot. They parrot all manner of left wing narratives without thinking. When I casually point out the obvious fallacy of a statement, they don’t understand at all. Some think for a moment and look stunned, or they become violent. It conflicts with their Marxist indoctrination that also conditions them to react in a hostile manner. To call you a Nazi. A White Supremacist. A Racist and so on….

If you think for yourself and verify things, you have heard it all before. When someone calls me a White Supremacist as though it’s something horrible to be White Race and indisputably superior, I quickly tell them they forgot calling me the Nazi and Racist.

They look confused, a deer in the headlights moment.
They walk off angry not knowing what to say.

//Anyhow, I compile empirical data and evidence of authenticity on everything that comes under my observation.

I engage internet sources, do my own research and corroborate my findings with at least two independent sources. I read and watch valid Intel videos, study and engage in real life, healthy activities, as do most good people. Meanwhile, I am outdoors in nature as much as possible when not writing. I seek truth, not hearsay.

Moving on

Jewish Indoctrination Masters

They know that race mixing elevates the intelligence level of black hybrid offspring. Contrary, White hybrids that should have been brilliant White children have diminished capacity and threaten our gene pool. Jewish globalists and their entirely owned Marxist MSM shoot for those two criteria. Their obvious intent is to crossbreed Aryan superiority and intelligence out of existence so they can rule over the inferior mixed sub-culture they created. The intent is to convince the dumb masses that it is the proper thing to do. Yes, the inferior sub-culture they created. Not God who condemns it all. Satanic Jews know they cannot rule over us until they destroy us. Think on that!

They intend this for every White nation on earth. Witness their sudden, mass emigration and invasions of sub-culture black races by the millions… but Only into White nations. Never, not ever into their neighboring nations… only ours!

God and nature condemn
‘Multicultural Ethnic diversity’

They are deviant and unnatural. Those are entirely Jewish Marxist constructs accomplished by mass indoctrination with 100% control of all media; everything one sees reads and hears. Carried out with assistance from Jewish infiltrated, corrupted political systems. Say their names aloud to yourself. …Schumer. Nadler. Schiff …and so on. Does the name sound Jewish? …Google 2020 ‘Jewish politicians’. Congress. Governors. Mayors. Considering they are 1% of the population, the numbers will shock you!

Do it and think on it

Their intent is clear and the results are obvious. Destroy White Culture and Civilization. Replace it with feral savages that have no useful talents in White society, none! They cannot support or feed themselves. Like idiots exterminating ourselves we do everything for them and pay for it all. This is not natural and it does not occur in nature. Only where Jews manipulate it! They now call it “Cancel Culture.”

Cancel OUR Culture and Civilization that directly or indirectly sustains everything on this planet. Their Jewish handlers know that, but their sub-cultures are too ignorant to comprehend they are cutting off their lifelines.


Geese do not hang out with vultures
Elk do not hang out with wolves
Fox do not hang out with coyotes

Aryans do not hang out with Negroid savages
Aryan Men are men. Aryan Women are women
Race mixers and homosexuals are un-natural creatures

God and Nature are an immutable Order

 “Only the Strong Survive in Nature.” …for good reason.
“Birds of a Feather Flock Together.” …for good reason.

Consequence of violating God’s Life Laws are clear!

This is anti-Christ Jewish, White Genocide on a scale never before seen in the history of this planet. They must eliminate us to seize control of Earth’s socio-economic, political and religious systems. That we conceived engineered and built. They currently have a financial stranglehold on us with the unlawful, unconstitutional Federal Reserve banking system. But we are doing something about that as well.

Stay tuned.

//Scripture foretold of this satanic destruction for this very time.

//Everyone knew all of this… Right?

“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear them, and I will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

—2 Chronicles 7:14

 —The Beginning—

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