A RogueOps Assassins' Novel

Release Date: January 2022
Pages: 613


American Vigilante

American Vigilante is an epic novel.
CW Nelson creates the RogueOps characters, the spearpoint of the Last Stand against a globalist enemy overthrowing America.

American Vigilante sets the stage for what follows in HardStrike, and the third novel, Law of War ...the beginning.



RogueOps deploy high tech specialists into the killing fields of international intrigue. Ex-Military sniper teams and assassins airlift across the globe on Hawke's Gulfstream jets, Sikorsky helicopters and PBY amphibians. Intercept teams set sail on weaponized, tactical sailing yachts.

Blitzkrieg action, blood guts and bullets burn across every page. From Davos Switzerland to South America to Mexico and onto the United States of America.

RogueOps Target // Enemy Blood


Target 1  -  Nazi Bunker

Hunt down and secure the contents of WW-II Germany's most prized Nazi bunker. RogueOps received Intel that the vast complex contains the means and financial 'blueprints' to take down every Western Central Bank operation on the planet. They must find it and stop the Sanhedrin Protocol, a top-secret Israeli cabal, that intends on destroying it to protect their agenda.

One World Communist Democracy.

RogueOps must get there first and secure the contents. They must stop them before they destroy the bunker and launch their final coup to destroy America and Europe.

The death knell of Western Civilization-

Target 2  -  Casa Urraca

Invade Alfonso Urraca's headquarters-
A fortified, heavily guarded one million acre rancho strategically located in the 'Border Triangle' of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. A global cornerstone for training criminal renegades, terrorists and for deploying invasion level mercenary soldiers worldwide.

RogueOps must assassinate Urraca and key international players at a clandestine meeting. Key players in international weapons and narcotics trafficking. 

RogueOps must stop Urraca-

RogueOps must topple his global pedophilia empire. His child sex trafficking operations. His child torture and adrenochrome harvesting operations. Operations that focus exclusively on White Aryan children that command prices a thousand times higher.

RogueOps immediate mission is rescue fourteen young innocent girls 12 to 15 years old. Beautiful young, pure innocent girls. Innocent daughters of their most hated enemy. 

The White Anglo-Saxon-

RogueOps is pressed for time-
The meeting is already in play. They must strike before it breaks up and Urraca gives the girls away as gifts to the most vicious animals on earth. Envoys from Cuba. Syria. North Korea. Iran and vile anti-White savage leaders from ISIS and the Taliban.

Urraca Meeting Itinerary-

// -Finance a military invasion.
// -Target: United States of America.

RogueOps deploy ex-military specialists. Sniper assassins and a Hostage Rescue team on a two-prong mission.

Transport: a MilSpec Bell 439, a Sikorsky S-70i Blackhawk Gunship and a weaponized PBY amphibian seaplane.


Prong 1 - Rescue the kidnapped girls before they fly off with terrorist envoys and face short, bloody lives. Where the will be systematically raped bloody for weeks until they die a horrific and brutal death.

Filmed with audio-video. Bloody films of abject satanic horror. Terror films sent to the children's parents and sold on lucrative dark-web markets to the most depraved satanic people on earth.

Prong 2 - Destroy Alfonso Urraca's international headquarters and intercept 74.6 billion U.S. dollars in wire transfers at the clandestine meeting. Money destined for Honduras Guatemala and Mexico. Seventy billion dollars for a two-phase tactical military invasion of the USA.


Target 3 //

USA / Mexican Cartel Objective-
Create mass chaos in U.S. law enforcement and government. C
ollapse Anglo-American culture its society and economy.

RogueOps Mission-
Engage air strikes against five major Mexican Cartel headquarters from Tijuana to Oaxaca. Destroy the world’s largest joint military firearms and narcotics trafficking operation.

RogueOps leave trails of blood and destruction from the South Pacific to the Azores. From the jungles of Paraguay, Venezuela and into Mexico. Trails collide when RogueOps discover they all lead to Casa Urraca staging a covert military invasion of the United States.

Armed convoys were already moving north.
30,000 Urraca troops are fifty miles from the border.



Bought-off federal judges coordinate with the invasion. They unlawfully legislate from the bench. Subvert and nullify U.S. Constitutional Law throughout key districts across America. The judges activate tens of thousands of BLM and AntiFa and turn them lose on America's street to riot rape, murder, burn and plunder.

Political treason and violent anarchy explode nationwide in a firestorm to take down America. Take it down in a personal, vicious and violent manner not seen since the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution that slaughtered 25 million White Russians in one year.

America is on notice-


Old Fashioned American Vigilante Justice

Blood bullets and guts worked in the Old West

It works in this bloodstained war against America