American Vigilante RogueOps Sniper Assassin Novel

American Vigilante

American Vigilante sets the stage for what follows in the next RogueOps novel HardStrike, and the fourth novel, Law of War.


RogueOps deploy high tech specialists, ex-military sniper assassin teams into the killing fields of international intrigue. Blitzkrieg action burn across every page from Davos Switzerland to South America to Mexico and onto the United States.


Target 1 - Nazi Bunker

RogueOps has Intel that the vast bunker contains the financial 'blueprints' to take down every Western Central Bank operation on the planet.

They must find and secure the contents and stop a top-secret Israeli cabal intent on destroying the bunker's contents to protect their agenda -  launch their coup to destroy America and Europe.

Target 2 - Casa Urraca

Invade Alfonso Urraca's headquarters-
The fortified, heavily guarded rancho located in the 'Border Triangle' of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. A global cornerstone for training terrorists and for deploying invasion level mercenary soldiers worldwide.

RogueOps Mission — assassinate Urraca and key international players in international weapons and narcotics trafficking there to attend a clandestine meeting. 

RogueOps must also topple his global pedophilia and child sex-trafficking operations of innocent White children that command prices a hundred times higher.

RogueOps Mission — destroy Alphonso Urraca's international headquarters and 74.6 billion U.S dollars in wire transfers at the meeting, money earmarked for a two phase tactical military invasion of the United States.

Target 3 - Illegal Operations

Destroy the world's largest joint military, narcotics and child sex trafficking operation designed to collapse Anglo-American culture and economy.

Political treason and violent anarchy explode nationwide in a firestorm to take down America.



Bought-off federal judges coordinate with the invasion. They unlawfully legislate from the bench. Subvert and nullify U.S. Constitutional Law throughout key districts across America. The judges activate tens of thousands of BLM and AntiFa and turn them loose on America's street to riot rape, murder, burn and plunder.

Political treason and violent anarchy explode nationwide in a firestorm to take down America in a manner not seen since the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution that slaughtered 25 million White Russians in one year.


RogueOps leave trails of blood and destruction from the South Pacific to Davos Switzerland, the jungles of Paraguay, Venezuela and into Mexico. Trails collide when RogueOps discover they all lead to Casa Urraca staging a covert military invasion of the United States.

Armed convoys were already moving north.
30,000 Urraca troops are fifty miles from the border.


-Old Fashioned American Vigilante Justice
-Blood, Bullets and Guts worked in the Old West
-It works in this bloodstained war against America