American Sovereign
-Political Anarchy

INGA - Saxon Assassins

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Rogue Ops Novels— 1

AMERICAN Sovereign
–Political Anarchy

High-tech leaps into the killing fields of international intrigue rage across America. Blitzkrieg action burns across every page from Switzerland to South America and into Mexico. Target— the United States.

The US President tasked RogueOps, snipers and shadow assassins to stop the military invasion.

Vigilante justice worked in the Old West. It works in this American action thriller. A shocking page turner.



Rogue Ops Novels— 2

INGA – Saxon Assassins

Thick fog broke over a Pacific coast ridgeline. Black silhouettes flew out of the mist at two hundred miles per hour above San Francisco Bay. The military formation and hard thump of rotor blades echoed a threatening message. Something was wrong.

Four Tech giants gained absolute control over what Americans read, heard and watched on the Internet. That's what was wrong.

RogueOps assault teams fast roped from helicopters and disappeared into rooftop shadows. The Blackhawk gunships vanished back into the fog.


We have shocking news!
US military seized social media giants. It is a warzone at Google, Facebook and YouTube. Hundreds of AntiFa and Blm gunned down in the streets.

The governor of California shot dead. San Francisco, Portland and Seattle mayors shot dead. Media pundits and professors dead. Wait... military says it is taking down a Marxist coup. Hold on... they just seized CNN, and in New York CBS NB—

News broadcasts went blank.
DoD Seals filled TV screens.


CW Nelson is blunt, powerful.
A shocking page turner...

   You feel their rage
   You hear them breathe
   You become RogueOps