AMERICAN Sovereign

-Political Anarchy


INGA - Saxon Assassins


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Rogue Ops Novels — 1

AMERICAN Sovereign
–Political Anarchy


Switzerland to Amsterdam to South America and into Mexico. High-tech military specialists and US Intelligence agents combat evil forces out to destroy the United States and Anglo-Saxon culture.

Since the '60s Berkeley riots, Marxist media pushed America deeper into Civil War. By 2016, radical anarchists had broken down law and order nationwide. America polarized into two camps, Patriots vs. neoBolsheviks. The slaughter began.

President Scott tasked RogueOps assassins to intercept and kill them all. Vigilante justice worked in the Old West. It works in CW Nelson's blitzkrieg action thrillers.



Rogue Ops Novels — 2

INGA – Saxon Assassins

Dense fog broke over a Pacific coast ridge. Dark shadows flew out of the mist at two hundred miles per hour over San Francisco Bay. The military formation and thud of rotor blades sent a threatening message.

Four tech giants seized control of the Internet and everything Americans read, heard and watched.

RogueOps teams fast roped and disappeared into rooftop shadows. Blackhawk gunships vanished back into the fog.

'US military stormed Google, Facebook and YouTube. Hundreds of AntiFa and Blm gunned down in the streets.

'The governor of California shot dead. San Francisco, Portland and Seattle mayors dead. Hold on... they seized CNN, and CBS, NB—'

Broadcasts went blank nationwide.
DoD Seals filled TV screens.


CW Nelson is blunt, powerful.
Shock filled action thrillers...

   You feel their rage
   You hear them breathe
   You become RogueOps