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Free Introduction to the Epic RogueOps Novels
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– American Vigilante

RogueOps deploy high tech specialists into the killing fields of international intrigue. Military assassins and snipers airlift across the globe on Hawke’s Gulfstream jets, Sikorsky helicopters and PBY amphibians. Intercept teams set sail on his 214-foot weaponized, tactical sailing yachts.

Target 1 ///-Hunt down a lost Nazi bunker. RogueOps received Intel that it contains financial 'blueprints' that can take down every banking institution on the planet. RogueOps teams race across the South Pacific to intercept a bandit Israeli faction before they find it. They must stop them before they deliver the 90-year-old 'blueprints' and the bunker's contents into the wrong hands. If they do, it can topple a 21st Century global economy.

Target 2 ///-Intercept a key player in international narcotics, mercenary deployment and White sex trafficking. RogueOps must rescue fourteen innocent Aryan girls 12 to 14 years old. Alfonso Urraca holds them captive at his remote million-acre rancho headquarters in Paraguay. The girls are special gifts for Middle East players flying private jets into Rancho Urraca for a clandestine meeting.

Itinerary: Finance a military invasion.
Target: United States of America.

RogueOps deploy seven specialists, two MilSpec helicopters and a PBY amphibian on a two-prong mission.

Prong 1 ///-Rescue the kidnapped girls before they fly out with the Arabs and face short lives brutally raped bloody until dead. You see. The girls are exceptional. Beautiful fair skinned virgins. Innocent Aryan children of their most hated enemy… American Anglo-Saxons.

Prong 2 ///-Destroy Alfonso Urraca's international headquarters and intercept 74.6 billion in U.S. dollar wire transfers. The invasion war chest slated for the communist regimes of Venezuela, Guatemala and Mexico.

Target 3 ///-RogueOps deploy four flights of A-10 strike aircraft from a USN Nimitz aircraft carrier.

Mission: Engage air strikes against five Mexican Cartel headquarters from Tijuana to Oaxaca. Destroy the world’s largest joint military firearms and narcotics trafficking operation. Stop their billion-dollar enterprise smuggling illegal aliens, criminals and political activists across the U.S. border. Cartel Objective: Create chaos in law enforcement and government to collapse Anglo-American culture and its economy.

RogueOps leave trails of blood and destruction from the South Pacific to the Azores. From the jungles of Paraguay, Venezuela and into Mexico. ///Trails collide when RogueOps discover they all lead to the same regime staging a covert military invasion of the United States.

Armed convoys were already moving north.

American joint operation: Bought off federal judges subvert and nullify U.S. Constitutional Law. Political treason and violent anarchy explode state-to-state and nationwide.

///-Vigilante justice, bullets and guts worked in the Old West. It works in this bloodstained war against America.


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This Epic length novel begins the RogueOps legend
The Most Dangerous Novels Ever Written

Vigilante Justice | Men’s Action Fiction
Military Political Action Thriller
Yachting Action Adventure
Women's Action Fiction


Hard Strike

Heavy fog broke over a Pacific coast ridge line. Sunlight flashed off windshields. Blackhawks flew out of the approaching wall at two hundred miles per hour, forty feet above San Francisco Bay. The military formation of gunship helicopters and hard thud of rotor blades sent a threatening message.

Something was wrong.

Four tech giants had seized control of the Internet and silenced millions of American citizens, politicians and even the U.S. president. They rigged state and national elections and covered up the final stages of a Marxist overthrow.

That's what was wrong.
It was only the beginning—


–KXBZ NEWS ALERT– U.S. military stormed Google, Facebook and YouTube. AntiFa and BLM gunned down in the streets… California governor shot dead. San Francisco, Portland and Seattle mayors shot dead... Hold on! Military just seized CNN, NBC and...

Broadcasts went blank nationwide-
DoD Seals filled TV screens-


Target 2 ///-RogueOps deploy-
Globalist elite raised the alarm and assembled a clandestine meeting in Davos, Switzerland. They must recover their power of false narratives and mass indoctrination. They must stop the veil lifting on their global programme. On their media operatives. The U.S. militia were hunting fifth column judges, politicians and academics. They will kill them all if they don't regain control over the most powerful nation on earth… The United States of America.

Target 3 ///-Davos, Switzerland-
RogueOps deploy covert military specialists masked as a Heliski expedition. The helicopter dropped them off on Casanna Peak, the highest point above Davos. They skied through freezing temperatures, crusted snowdrifts and cutting winds that stripped windward slopes to ice and rock.

They skied 5.8 miles across the mountain and downhill 3,100 feet. The sun dropped behind ice capped peaks. They stopped. They dug bivouacs into snow drifts under hundred foot tall spruce trees. In five minutes they were asleep under a veil of snow on a pitch-black hillside.

1430 hours
A black motorcade pulled out of the Davos Congress Centre parking garage. They drove slowly down Matta Strasse. Blue and red lights on security vehicles flashed purple off eight-foot high snow banks. Ten limousines turned off and parked on the Davos golf course. Six large Sikorsky helicopters and 40 armed guards waited for them.

RogueOps dialed in their scopes. The targets they came for were 685 yards across the valley.

Target 4 ///-RogueOps deploy-
In an extraordinary move; the Federal Reserve obstructs the U.S. president’s second term election. Ultimatum: capitulate to their demands of global financial authority or they shut down their banks, destroy his presidency and America. The highest act of treason in US history. The Fed levied a declaration of war against their own nation.

RogueOps task an ex-NSA mainframe computer programmer to launch digital countermeasures across the Dark Net and frustrate the Fed’s impending economic collapse. The president declares military martial law. RogueOps assassins make an unwanted visit to a pivotal Board of Directors meeting in Washington D.C.

///-Revolutionary War breaks out.
The killing, bloodshed and mass purges begin.


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The Most Dangerous Novels Ever Written
Men's Military Action Thriller
Assassination Action Thriller
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– Shadow Hunter

A joint Federal Task Force ran a four-year sting operation against the most corrupt and powerful banking CEO in U.S. history. They arrested John Winston. In closed sessions, they indicted him on charges of embezzling 420 billion dollars through five Federal Reserve banks. The public knew nothing about any of it. Including the death penalty for transnational corporate murder.

John Winston turned state’s evidence and surrendered information to the DOJ and Attorney General. Bank accounts. Files. Photographs. Names and addresses that implicated high-level corporate CEOs and politicians.

But not so fast. It was a ruse. They were expendable players. During three weeks of interrogation, the attorney general realized he couldn’t go public with a trial. And he couldn’t execute John Winston. His Dead Man switches would trigger and unmask international players at the highest levels of government. From the British Crown to U.S. presidents.

They had a problem.

John Winston returned from ‘vacation’ a free man. He resumed his position at the New York Federal Reserve bank as though nothing had happened. Not his subordinates or the public would ever know about his arrest, or about 420 billion dollars that vanished.

Target 1 ///-RogueOps saw that situation as good fortune. An opportunity to trigger the switches and unmask his network of global players. High tech military specialists and RogueOps assassins prepared to hunt them down. Seize their assets. And kill them.

But they have a problem.

John Winston must first surrender the most valuable National Security Intel ever to emerge in U.S. History. A 14th Century Knights Templar land claim. A lawful land claim to one third of the United States land mass and one fifth of Canada. A land claim concealed since its discovery in 1898. They had another problem. Only John Winston knows of its whereabouts. Where he hid it from his co-conspirators. In the vast environs of Edinburgh Castle, Scotland.

Target 2 ///-RogueOps must secure the land claim before his comrades get it and kill him. If they do, they won’t care if they trigger the switches. No one will move against them. They would hold the wild card. The land title that can destroy America and deliver the nation into their hands.

RogueOps deploy their top assassins. Inga Jorgensen and Kristjen Eriksson. ///-Kidnap John Winston. Transport him to Scotland. Secure the Title claim. Put a bullet in his head. Trigger the switches.

President Alistair Scott declared martial law and deployed U.S. Army, Air Force and Marine military forces.

Mission ///-Seize the Title Lands that encompass one third of the United States land mass. The Mississippi watershed from the Columbia River headwaters at Three Forks Montana, across to Lake Michigan and down to the Gulf of Mexico. ///-Seize the adjoining Red River watershed to the north. One fifth of central to northeast Canada.

2 ///- Expel hostile diverse races, creeds and countercultures from the Title land. Put down subversion, insurrection and socioeconomic destruction.

3 ///- Declare and reestablish America as originally intended. Build a walled nation with secure cities. Keep. Save. Protect the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Nordic and Scandinavian peoples. The greatest warriors, culture and civilization builders in the history of this planet. The Anglo-Saxon will not perish from the land they founded and built.

///-Bloodshed, terror and destruction reigned across America in battles not seen since World War II. The Anglo-Saxon had no choice.


Inga Jorgensen sat alone at an alfresco café that overlooked the valley 740 feet below. She took a sip of iced tea and watched a handsome young waiter set her lunch on the table. Inga caught his eye, smiled and winked. He flushed red and walked off ruffled. The striking woman was way out of his league.

Snow capped peaks of the Bavarian Alps towered above the Tyrol valley. It was spring in Kitzbühel, Austria. You could still ski. The valley had come alive. Hillsides were velvet green. Bright flowers bloomed. Songbirds filled the air. Sparkling creeks babbled full with melting snow...


Inga's glass shattered into a thousand pieces. She shoved the heavy table over. It crashed to the deck. Inga fell behind it and pulled her HK 9mm. She waited. Nothing... Inga looked around the edge and jerked back. Two more rifle shots ripped across the valley. Bullets blew through the table. Wood shrapnel exploded across the café deck.


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The Most Dangerous Novels Ever Written

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