Release Date: December, 2021
Pages: 480






Heavy fog broke over a Pacific coast ridge line. Blackhawk gunships flew out of the approaching wall at two hundred miles per hour. Sunlight flashed off windshields.

The flight of military helicopters and hard thud of rotor blades sent a threatening message across San Francisco Bay.


Something was wrong.


Four tech giants seized control of the Internet and silenced millions of American citizens, politicians and the U.S. president. They pushed subversive agendas. Rigged state and national elections. They indoctrinated children and naïve adults with Jewish controlled academia and mainstream media. They had planned it for decades. Condition the masses to set up for the final stages of a Marxist communist overthrow.

That's what was wrong.

It was only the beginning—


U.S. military stormed Google, Facebook and YouTube. AntiFa and BLM gunned down in the streets…

California governor shot dead. San Francisco, Portland and Seattle mayors shot dead...

Hold on! Military just seized CNN, NBC and...

Broadcasts went blank nationwide/
DoD Seals filled TV screens/


Target 2 // -RogueOps Deploy:

Global elitists raised the alarm and called for a clandestine meeting in Davos, Switzerland. They must recover their power of false narratives and mass indoctrination. They must stop the veil lifting on their global agenda exposing their media operatives pushing it all. U.S.

RogueOps were already hunting down and killing fifth column judges, politicians and academics. They will kill all their operatives if they don't regain control over the most powerful nation on earth…

The United States of America.


Target 3 // -Davos, Switzerland:

RogueOps deploy covert military specialists cloaked as an international Heliski expedition. A bright red helicopter dropped them off on Casanna Peak towering 8,440 feet above the village of Davos. Snow fell faster. Light, dry powder. They geared up. Gray and white camo blurs skied quiet, invisible, across the mountainside.

They skied through an avalanche. Crusted snowdrifts. Cutting winds that stripped slopes down to bare ice and rock. They skied 5.8 miles across the mountainside and downhill 3,100 feet.

The barely beat the sun as it dropped behind jagged, icy peaks. 

RogueOps stopped.

They dug bivouacs into crusted snowdrifts under hundred foot tall spruce trees. They ate protein bars and drank several packets of orange juice. Five minutes later, six sniper assassins were asleep under two feet of snow on a pitch-black mountainside.

1430 hours
A black motorcade pulled out of the Davos Centre parking garage. Ten black limousines drove slowly down the Matta Strasse. Blue and red lights on security vehicles flashed purple off eight-foot high snow banks. Pilot motorcycles led each limo off the Strasse and onto the plowed Davos golf course. Fourteen Sikorsky helicopters and 40 armed guards stood ready and waited for the globalist elite.

RogueOps dialed in their scopes.
Targets: >685 yards across the valley.


Target 4 //-Washington, D.C.

In an extraordinary move; the Federal Reserve obstructed the U.S. president’s second term election. Ultimatum: capitulate to their demands of global financial authority or they shut down their banks, destroy his presidency and America. It was the highest act of treason in US history. The Fed had levied an overt declaration of war against the United States of America and its lawful citizens.

RogueOps task an ex-NSA mainframe computer programmer to launch digital countermeasures across the Dark Net.

Objective: counteract the Fed’s plan for economic collapse and complete overthrow of the USA. In a coordinated operation, the U.S. president declares military martial law in every metro city across the nation.

RogueOps assassins make an unwanted visit to a pivotal Federal Reserve board of directors meeting in Washington D.C.

//-Revolutionary War breaks out.

//-The killing, bloodshed and mass purges begin.