Law of War: RogueOps Sniper Assassin Novel

Law of War a RogueOps Novel by CW Nelson
Law of War a RogueOps Novel by CW Nelson
Law of War a RogueOps Novel by CW Nelson
Law of War a RogueOps Novel by CW Nelson
Law of War a RogueOps Novel by CW Nelson

Law of War


A joint Federal Task Force ran a four-year sting operation against the most powerful and corrupt banking CEO in U.S. history. 

They indicted John Winston on charges of embezzling 420 billion dollars through five Federal Reserve banks. The billionaire surrendered and turned state’s evidence.

During three weeks of interrogation, the Department of Justice and U.S. attorney general realized they couldn’t go public with a trial or execute him on international murder charges. John Winston had Dead Man Switches that would expose international players at the highest levels of governments from the British Crown to U.S. presidents.

They had a problem.



RogueOps Mission

RogueOps conceive a plan to kill Winston, trigger the switches and kill the rest of co-conspirators. But they have a problem. Winston holds the trump card – a 14th century Knights Templar land claim to 41 percent of America's land mass and Manitoba, Canada. Winston is the only one who knows where the title claim is – somewhere in the vast environs of Edinburgh Castle in Scotland.


RogueOps must find the land claim before Winston's cohorts find and destroy it.


Intrigue, Secession, War

RogueOps secure the land claim that encompasses the entire Mississippi watershed. It covers  the Missouri River headwaters in Montana, the Continental Divide to Lake Michigan, and Maine to the Gulf of Mexico. They also seize the adjoining Red River watershed and annex southern Manitoba.

RogueOps secede the Title lands in one military procedure and cut off insurgent enemy nation states.

RogueOps condemn unlawfully seceded sanctuary states run by the Marxist-Democrat regime as hostile Marxist communist states at war with America.

RogueOps put down subversion, insurrection, socioeconomic destruction and execute the worst belligerents.


'Nation America' is born
On the Title Lands

The First Order

Protect the founding Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Celtic, Nordic and Scandinavian peoples. They are the greatest warriors, culture and civilization builders in history.


But John Winston survived, and he isn't finished.


Blood, Guts, Bullets, Terror and destruction spread across America. The Anglo-Saxons have no choice. They must kill everyone who set out to destroy them over the last two centuries.


The greatest warriors, culture and civilization builders in history will not perish from the land they founded and built out of the wilderness.