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CW Nelson  Author


Military wolves raised CW Nelson
The ‘Old Man’ flew frontline paratroopers in WWII and Korea.
B-47 Stratojet nuclear bombers during the Cold War,
and NRO B-47s on Soviet espionage missions.

  • Cold War Intel advisor for CIA
  • Director MACV Aerial Recon
  • USAF Liaison, Office of Naval Intelligence
  • Liaison, MACV US Army Chief of Staff
  • Director, undisclosed USAF NASA projects
  • Colonel Nelson retired from the Pentagon

Additional author resources-

Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies
Old school FBI regional director - 
Security & Intelligence
DHS Services,
Counter Terror Group director
US Marine Corp Sniper - Combat Military personnel

—Identities private by request

CW joined the US Navy and passed his tests for ‘special operations’

Then wrecked a 425hp SS 396 Chevelle -and- his military career
He serves America with news commentary and RogueOps Novels

CW Nelson lives with his lovely wife in Sun Valley, Idaho
Snow capped Sawtooth Mountains & pristine river valleys
   are where he writes about what he loves most

—The Land of the Free - Because of the Brave

Thanks to all military personnel.
Apologies to those that might find fictional characters or scenes far-fetched.
Excuse it for what it is. Literary license. Constructive criticism welcome.
Give RogueOps a critical review.
That's an order!

The Land of the Free  - Because of the Brave