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Military wolves raised CW Nelson
The ‘Old Man’ flew frontline paratroopers in WWII and Korea.
B-47 Stratojet nuclear bombers during the Cold War,
and NRO B-47s on Soviet espionage missions.

  • Cold War Intel advisor for CIA
  • Director MACV Aerial Recon
  • USAF Liaison, Office of Naval Intelligence
  • Liaison, MACV US Army Chief of Staff
  • Director, undisclosed USAF NASA projects
  • Colonel Nelson retired from the Pentagon

Additional author resources-

Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies
Old school FBI regional director - 
Security & Intelligence
DHS Services,
Counter Terror Group director
US Marine Corp Sniper - Combat Military personnel

—Identities private by request


CW Nelson author RogueOps Novels

This is how CW Nelson and his wife Vicki like to explore the spectacular Pacific Northwest

CW joined the US Navy and passed his tests for ‘special operations’
Then wrecked a 425hp SS 396 Chevelle -and- his military career. He serves America with news commentary and RogueOps Novels

CW Nelson lives with his lovely wife in Sun Valley, Idaho. Snow capped Sawtooth Mountains & pristine river valleys are where he writes about what he loves most.

—The Land of the Free - Because of the Brave

Vigilante Justice


Thanks to all 1st responder, police & military personnel.
Apologies to those that might find fictional characters or scenes far-fetched.

Excuse it for what it is. Literary license. Constructive criticism welcome.

Give RogueOps a critical review.


The Land of the Free  - Because of the Brave