Pandemic Hoax World War III
Formerly Covid-19 


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RogueOps often refers to
Marxist, Communist, Globalist

  • All refer to their Jewish origin and ideology
  • Jewish influence and control through indoctrination
  • Communism Is Jewish

The Jewish Cabal had a 100+year plan to overthrow America. Since 2016, Trump and White Hat military scuttled everything, exposed key players and they panicked. They pulled out all the stops and ramped up their final stages.

  • They lost control of their global Marxist Agenda
  • That plan began with Jewish ‘philosopher’ Karl Marx
  • With his nation-destroying, Communist Manifesto

Karl Marx published The Communist Manifesto in London in 1848, through a London group of Jewish ‘democratic socialists.’
A radical Jewish organization called the Communist League.



Marxism targets all people of
White European descent


Eastern Europe

  • Bosnia
  • Bulgaria
  • Czech Republic
  • Estonia
  • Herzegovina
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Slovakia


  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Monaco
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Switzerland


  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Sweden

Western Europe

  • Ireland
  • Great Britain
  • Iceland
  • Scotland

North and South America

  • Argentina
  • Canada
  • Chili
  • United States of America
  • Uruguay

Southern Hemisphere

  • Australia
  • New Zealand


Not One Sub-Saharan or Asiatic Nation
Is Not On Their List


The Nation-Destroyer Purpose
of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto

The Manifesto is a global Jewish program that targets the destruction of all White Aryan Peoples. Marxist schemes deliberately infuse malignant countercultures into our society. Mass Illegal immigration into Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Teutonic, Celtic, Nordic and Scandinavian Nations. They systematically infuse Marxist communism into Western civilization.

  • Confuse
  • Divide
  • Conquer
  • Destroy Western Civilization


* See Anglo-Saxon Culture Warriors



  • First came our Kindred People, then
  • The Declaration of Independence
  • The United States Constitution
  • The Bill of Rights
  • They established a Legal Nation of kindred peoples
  • The United States of America


Legal Definition of Nation
A stable community of kindred people

  • Based on a common language, territory, history and ethnicity
  • A makeup manifested in a common culture
  • A nation is more overtly political than an ethnic group
  • It is ‘a fully mobilized and institutionalized ethnic group’
  • A Nation is NOT Diverse or Multicultural
  • A Nation is NOT a Multiracial Inclusive ‘society’

That is a Marxist communist, anti-White construct. That is a Western Nation-destroyer conceived by Jewish philosopher Karl Marx.


“Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country to one united people — a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs … ”
-Patrick J. Buchanan


Covid 19 world war III by CW Nelson

First, Let Us Talk About Our Wonderful, Precious Children
Let us Talk About Our Life-bearing Mothers
Yahweh God’s Divine Gift to His People


Children do not get the "The Pandemic"

  • If anything, they develop the Flu, Influenza
  • Adults get Influenza, not Covid-Hoax
  • Every wonder why the Flu vanished
  • They masked it with the Pandemic

Before we get into a synopsis of the Agenda 21 Genocide Vaxxthe Satanic Jews now target our young children, and even our infant babies. The insanity of the Evil Satanic Jewish Cabal deliberately damages our children before they reach Kindergarten.

Children do not get the Pandemic, because it does not exist based on evidence that no medical laboratory has isolated the virus. Children do not get the symptoms, if they do they have "The Vanished Flu," and rarely die from it.


For a Moment

  • Forget Satan's evil minions on earth
  • Forget Satan’s final attempt to destroy Western Civilization
  • Forget Satan targeting White Anglo-Saxons for genocide

Forget Agenda 21 and Klaus Schwab. They target only White Anglo-Saxons for genocide, and only after that, they target nonwhite nations that breed out of control. Forget there is no overpopulation anywhere except in metro cities.

No medical laboratory can differentiate "C-19" from the common cold, or influenza or any so-called "Covid" variant because it doesn't exist.

The so-called vaccine, which is not a vaccine, performs several tasks that people call the Vaxx, or Vaxxed Victims. The fake ‘pandemic’ created with a counterfeit analysis and numbers from Imperial College, the CDC and the NIH was set in motion by Marxist media.

People panicked, and in their hysteria demanded the Vaxx. The "vaccine" that the CDC said could not be available for five to ten years. During which time they had already locked down the United States. No travel, no work, no shopping, no school, no social interaction, no nothing for five to ten years.

President Donald J. Trump got a "vaccine" out in months that killed no one and re-opened America. Various pharmaceutical companies suddenly released their versions of a vaccine and people just as suddenly started dying from the intended global killer, the Vaxx.


Pandemic World War III by CW Nelson

Spike Protein

a. It modifies and corrupts the DNA structure God gave us.
b. It contains HIV AIDS and Genetic Racial targeting markers.
c. Its mRNA damages and modifies and excites natural immune systems. Natural immune systems overload, attack cells and no longer protect them. The body becomes a self-destructive weapon against itself.
d. It causes reproductive sterility in men and women.
e. It causes women to involuntarily abort their babies.

The Vaxx contains Graphene Oxide that is responsive to 5G signals. It courses through the blood to every cell in the brain and body. A Satanist's computer keyboard can control the 5G EMF frequencies, that result in many behavioral anomalies. The Satanist can control normal behavior, or sedate, or agitated anxiety, to aggressive violence and even murder. 5G EMF frequencies alone can kill Vaxx victims by the millions.


Those ‘God-Damned’ Masks

Those masks suffocate Children in their mental and physical formative years. Authorities intercepted large shipments of millions of contaminated masks, intended for school districts, that contained Graphene Oxide particles with a clear intent to harm our children!

In addition, masks Do Not filter a so-called Corona virus 100x smaller than what what the cheap paper masks can filter. Masks re-circulate Carbon Dioxide back into the child's and adult's bloodstreams. They inhibit normal Oxygen levels and cause malignant stress on critical mental and bodily functions.

High lever medical agencies now say that masks, social distancing, work at home, lockdowns etc., provide no protection against the pandemic. It is all about controlling the population to mandate subservience and punishment without any lawful authority to do so. 


War against our Young Children's Mental,
Physical, and Social Development 

Pandemic World War III by CW Nelson


Our Precious Children Never See a Face

  • Never see a smile
  • Never see lips moving
  • Never see a frown
  • Never see a laugh
  • Never see a cute girl smile
  • Never see a boy smile back
  • Faceless friends never see any natural expressions critical for communication or natural expressions critical for development.

Evil Satanic Bastards deliberately turn our Precious Children into faceless, depressed, anxiety stressed, lonely, isolated zombies!

  • They are killing us
  • They are killing our children
  • Mentally and physically

Rational people who know the truth want these evil satanic bastards dead. Meanwhile, their White Genocide warfare took a turn they never expected. They never expected it because they counted on enough White people in America to be dead by now. They would have no opposition and their overthrow would be complete in two years.

Divine providence also exercised judgment and helped us defeat the multi-Vaxxed belligerent, oppositional, people from within our midst who haven't already died.

Pandemic Hoax World War III
CDC, NIH and Big Pharma Genocide

There’s a difference between dying from so-called "Covid"
and dying with it.


The Globalist organization CDC deliberately falsified Pandemic deaths to advance Agenda 21. They falsified the numbers of all classified cases, where 94% had other causes for death.


UN Published Agenda 21 in 1992
It is a two-prong communist plan


Prong 1 Purpose
Task the antiwhite communist United Nations to enforce “sustainable development” against Western Civilization (White Nations) which is technically and financially impossible. The hidden agenda is designed to bankrupt decades-old family businesses, small and large, with impossible mandates.

Prong 2 Purpose
Exterminate 80% of the global population, beginning with all White people of European descent.


That Leads into UN Agenda 22
Spanning from 1980 to today

The sudden appearance of Big Box Stores that sell everything from groceries to lawn mowers, clothing, furniture, sporting goods and computers to televisions, etcetera.

Here are the top 10 corporations from hundreds that bankrupted millions of Small Family businesses for massive profit and consequently destroyed millions of families. They have been doing that to farmers as well.

They want you dead, White Man!


Covid 19 World War III by CW Nelson RogueOps novels

Does anyone remember all the local family owned stores that "Big Box" bankrupted?

1     Walmart
2     Amazon
3     Kroger
4     Home Depot
5     Costco
6     Walgreens
7     Target
8     CVS Pharmacy
9     Lowe’s
10   Albertsons


Agenda 21 Numbers

  • According to government-forced admissions, the CDC claimed 282,000 “C-19 related deaths” in the United States at the time of the report.
  • Key words – “related deaths!”
  • After U.S. government intervention, the CDC quietly released a report that only 6% of C-19 deaths since February, 2020, were from "Covid-19."
  • The CDC later quietly reduced that to 4%.
  • When in fact the "Virus" never existed. No medical laboratory has ever isolated the "Covid-19 Virus."

The other 96% (99.9999%) who died with not from the "Virus" died from a wide range of pre-existing conditions:

  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Compromised Immune System
  • Respiratory failure
  • Influenza
  • Pneumonia
  • Lung disease
  • Cardiac arrest
  • HIV and AIDS 
  • Old age
  • Infirmity
  • Diabetes

  • Injury
  • Poisoning
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Car wrecks
  • Drowning
  • Homicides
  • All manner of accidents
  • Other "medical" conditions
  • Etcetera


The math is shocking

Of the so-called Covid-19 deaths at the time of Government forced CDC admissions, very few died from the virus in America.

Never in U.S. history has the medical industry been ordered to report someone dying from the virus, when they died from something else or from pre-existing conditions.

The CDC, WHO and NIH mandated that Doctors do so.
They are unelected and have no legislative power.

False numbers and percentages continue to escalate with complicit, unrelenting Marxist media pounding it into everyone’s head.


Globalists & Democrats

Globalists, U.S. Democrats and their Jewish Marxist Media have an agenda. They failed after four years to overthrow and unseat a sitting U.S. president. The “Trial and Acquittal of the Century” on February 5, 2020, exposed key players in the largest mass treason scheme in U.S. history.

Treason carries a penalty of 20 years at Gitmo, a Federal Prison cell, or the death penalty. None of them wanted to hang!

  • Meanwhile, where are the piles of dead bodies lining the streets?
  • Where are the public bio-hazard containers to safely dispose of the deadly Virus contaminated masks? Where are the trucks and Hazmat suits picking them up every day?
  • Why didn't they require us to wear gloves?
  • How do cheap masks filter a virus 100x smaller than the filter? How does all this work out with a 99.99% recovery rate?
  • Again… Where are the piles of dead bodies?
  • Where has the Flu Pneumonia-Influenza vanished?
  • Flu is the #3 cause of death after #1 Cancer. Medical malpractice and hospital negligence is #2. The CDC, WHO and NIH have removed those from the decades-old list and placed "Covid" as #1.

CDC changed the statistics and deleted Pneumonia-Influenza (P-I) and Medical Malpractice from the top ten causes of death.

It suddenly became:

  • #1 Heart disease: 695,547
  • #2 Cancer: 605,213
  • #3 COVID-19: 416,893


The DEAD are Coming

Pandemic World War III by CW Nelson

Spike Protein

All of that was a setup for the rDNA, DNA modifying, self-replicating, self-spreading Vaxx intended to reduce the earth’s population by 80%. And is accelerated with self-replicating Spike Proteins that contaminate and kill other people.

That failed.


Marxists had Backup Plans

They launched them immediately! They backed up a non-existent global ‘pandemic’ with simultaneous nationwide rioting, arson, looting and destruction never seen in U.S. history!



Marxist democrats were caught perpetrating the biggest genocide attempt and hoax in human history. The Satanic bastards were caught attempting to destroy White Western Civilization.


The Fix Was In

  • The fix was in with the Clinton-Obama regime
  • The fix was in with complicit Democrat Marxist Media
  • The fix was in with Hillary 'Rodham' Clinton

Globalists Never expected Hillary Clinton to lose. She was supposed to win the 2016 presidential election in the biggest landslide in U.S. history. They pushed that scenario with a multiple billion dollar war chest, and every media and political scheme they could, against every opponent.

Specifically, against any White American Patriot.

Their Marxist media sneered, ‘Not a prayer in hell,’ and savagely derided the man nonstop the entire year leading up to the 2020 election.

The democrat presidential opponent became “The” far-flung political outsider. The anti-Obama, anti-Hillary, hundred-to-one long shot bucked their financial empire and political stranglehold on America.


Then something happened

Hillary 'Rodham' Clinton (Jewess) lost to the non-politician, flamboyant real estate developer, Donald J. Trump, in the largest unexpected upset in U.S. history. Americans elected the 100:1 ‘long-shot outsider’ as president of the United States of America!

Globalists, Democrats and Marxist Media panicked in abject fear and became unhinged. They understood that now Hillary Clinton could not cover up the Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) regime's largest mass treason in U.S. history. President Trump became the most savagely maligned president in U.S. history. He also became the corrupt Jewish media's worst nightmare when he repeatedly told the American people that the media is their worst enemy.

Why? Marxist Media and International Globalists joined forces to hijack our government, our wealth and our U.S. Constitution. For decades, they maneuvered for unconditional control over the wealthiest and most powerful military nation on earth. They must do that to institute their One World Jewish, Marxist World Order.


Covid 19 World War III by CW Nelson RogueOps novels



To enforce their 100-year ‘Marxist One World Order’ plan to overthrow the United States of America, Jewish owned Marxist media ran contrived scandal after scandal in a Globalist coup d'état against a sitting United States of America president, Donald J. Trump.

President Donald J. Trump

They had to cover up the largest Mass Treason, Sedition and Subversive Activities in U.S. history. Hillary lost and couldn’t protect the players who dated back to George H.W. Bush and Woodrow Wilson who signed off on the unlawful Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

H.W. Bush coined the phrase ‘New World Order’ and its mass media indoctrination narratives. They projected that straight through Bill Clinton. To George W. Bush, to Barrack Hussein Obama (Barry Soetoro) and finally to Hillary Clinton.


The Marxist renegades lost the election

They resorted to what they called their “Insurance Policy” for the conflict-ridden Impeachment schemes designed to distract, confuse and divide Americans even further. They had multiple schemes promoted by Marxist media and the divisive Jewish construct of social media, and social engineering.


They planned to take out President Trump
and VP Pence on complicity in federal indictments

Globalist democrats would vacate them from the White House and imprison them Soviet style.

Marxist Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, would step in as president by law, with plans to appoint Hillary Clinton Vice President.

President Pelosi would resign and Hillary Clinton would become president of the wealthiest nation and Commander In Chief of the mightiest military on earth.

Hillary Clinton could protect their vulnerable, Globalist players and operate their ‘One World Order’ from the White House with a coup d'état, and hijacked U.S. Presidency. The International Clinton Foundation ‘Pay to Play’ schemes would run full throttle against every nation on earth.

That massive scheme failed!

Trump was ahead of them.
He had the Department of Defense Law of War Manual.


Something else happened

The "Acquittal & Trial of the Century” bulldozed decades of Marxist planning over a cliff. After two years of treason, sedition, and subversive activities, the U.S. Senate declared that their two articles of impeachment had no actionable foundation.


On February 5, 2020, Marxist Media had no choice but to Televise that ruling from the floor of the United States Senate. The floodgates on decades of treason slammed shut. They failed to take out President Trump. They failed to seize the White House and shield decades of murder, treason, sedition and subversive activities.

Since the shock “Trial and Acquittal," President Trump deployed the U.S. Military five times in one month. Not overseas, but here here in the USA, including 10,000 National Guard Troops deployed into Washington, D.C.

“Trump and the Patriots,” who are loyal cabinet members and the military Intelligence community, sped up efforts to dismantle the Obama Shadow presidency, and its power and socioeconomic control racked up since H.W. Bush.

  • Yes, Bush was a ‘republican’
  • But he was a NWO globalist traitor


They Played Their Last Cards
Take Down the Entire Nation

Nineteen democrat presidential candidates failed in the most embarrassing political debacle in United States history. A disaster of incompetent Marxist activists posturing for attention across a stage televised to the entire world.

They knew that  none of them would win anything, let alone a presidential nomination. The whole purpose was to televise endless Marxist indoctrination from 19 different sycophants to the entire nation for an entire year. It was all about indoctrination propaganda into every American home.

Out of nowhere, enter insurgent Barry Soetoro's ‘VP’ Joseph Robinette Biden. The know-nothing, do nothing 20+ year senator who never had his name on a single congressional bill, none.

Enter Kamala Harris, the token BLACK slut. The sleazy, radical Marxist communist half-breed who slept her way into politics.

America had its desperate 11th Hour Democrat ‘nominee.’


Something else happened!

  • Massive national level subterfuge was exposed in eight months of Marxist democrat madness. They had to carry out and succeed with treason, sedition, and subversive activities or be tried and sentenced by military tribunals. Many would hang.
  • U.S. military has already executed several at Gitmo
  • Many on Television and in public are body doubles
  • Many are Computer Graphic Imaging stand-ins.


What happened?

We caught them in the largest National Election Frauds (plural) in U.S. history.  Including Congressional Senate and Representative Elections, and President of the United States of America.

The Marxist Communists must overthrow the Nation we founded and built, the greatest, wealthiest, most powerful nation in history. If their coup d'état succeeded, they would control the United States of America, and Marxist Jewish Communism would control the world.


Sit tight America

Covid 19 world war III by CW Nelson RogueOps novels


Joe Biden is not President
He isn't Commander in Chief

Each state's voting records show that Americans elected Donald J. Trump President in a massive landslide.

As high as 80 million votes!

What America sees taking place today, are the final stages of the largest Military Sting Operation in U.S. History. Not only in the United States but across Europe, exposing communist Chicom Chinese, Ukraine and other complicit multinational globalists.

The Biden Regime's deliberate failures unraveled President Trump's accomplishments never seen before. We are under an unlawful, Chicom, International Jewry, insurgent government.

Here are
From U.S. Government Archives

Biden's Chicom Insurgency deliberately destroyed it all.
Facilitated by Jewish media and Marxist democrats.


From Within

  • Marxist communist democrats also aligned to overthrow America by selling out her national wealth, her abundant resources, and lumber, food, oil and minerals
  • Their methods to do that were through corrupt Jewish controlled media, academia and politics
  • They destroyed our Inventive, Productive citizens, our Families and Businesses, our high Academic Curriculums, our Economy, our Treaties and Trade, our Culture and Heritage, and our Military

Without control of the White Anglo-Saxon Christians who conceived, engineered and built America, the wealthiest most powerful nation on earth—without that and so much more—their final attempt to establish their satanic Marxist communist One World Order collapses.


Globalist Agenda 21


Enter the Lab-engineered Bio-weapon "Covid-19."

The Largest Fear and Panic Deception ever conceived!

A lightning war of endless false news coordinated by AI (Artificial Intelligence) flooded across the planet.

Jewish Marxist globalists shut down the entire U.S. within weeks. They submitted to the White House counterfeit Imperial College analysis models of imminent mass death in the multiple-millions.

Their U.S. models projected 2.2 million Americans dead by April (in two months) if President Trump didn’t act immediately. But Trump did not shut down America as they wanted! Rogue governors and mayors did. Trump and military watched and maneuvered around them.

By the end of May, Jewish Media reported 80,000 deaths. Realistically, there were other causes, pneumonia influenza (PI) and  other non-Covid related deaths that they shuffled into the mix. The Imperial College ratio is 60:1 against real numbers. Their models were exposed as massive frauds that betray scientific analysis.


The Dead are Coming

All of that was a setup for the mRNA, DNA modifying, self-replicating, self-spreading Vaxx designed to reduce the earth’s population by 80%.


Globalist Agenda 22

Jewish Marxist media pushed Fear and Panic worldwide, higher and higher through instant, global AI-coordinated news broadcasts. Within weeks, schools were shut down. Shopping centers, malls, parks, hotels, resort communities, small businesses, towns, cities and entire states soon followed.

Unprepared city-dwellers swarmed like locusts into Rural America because their Big Box grocery stores had no food. They stripped rural grocery store shelves bare of food and supplies, drained their gas stations and left. This author lived in a small rural town and witnessed those events.

That sent a strong message to rural America, fueled by a revolutionary war attempting to overthrowing America's government. A strong message of civil warfare against "Flyover Country" began.


Small Town White America
Men, Women and our Children


Citizens now "patrol" their streets with hunting rifles slung over their shoulders and sidearms strapped to their hips.

Rogue governors and mayors ordered an entire nation under house arrest. Two weeks later, the U.S. economy faltered. In another week, it began to collapse. Marxist Media pushed the airwaves harder and kept fear and panic at a fever pitch. Globalist operatives WHO and CDC and NIH are not elected officials and are now exposed for not only ‘cooking the numbers’ but char-broiling them.

Businesses by the hundreds of thousands teetered on the edge of bankruptcy. Millions failed. Police arrested citizens for for being in their yards. They arrested people for non-essential travel. They arrested people for everything but grocery shopping, medical appointments, and filling their gas tanks.

Masks? ‘Social’ distancing? They turned an entire nation into lock-step automatons. No facial expressions. No pretty girls smiling or blushing. Masked, neutered faceless drones by the millions!

They got away with all of it.
Or have they?


Trump, Military and Patriots have other plans

President Trump always knew what the Globalists were doing and why. As he could, he played their gambits against them. Enemies foreign and domestic began falling like leaves off a dead tree. More and more traitors exposed themselves. Former CIA officials called for the death penalty on Brennan, Comey and Clapper.

Marxist Media, Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and Schumer miscalculated decades of mass treason and multiple Coup attempts. They failed to overthrow the United States of America's president and the American people in the process.

The traps sprung shut around them.

Pandemic Hoax World War III

Without the Jewish controlled Marxist media pushing Fear & Panic, none of this could have happened. None of it!

  • 70,000,000 Americans lost their jobs
  • Millions of shuttered businesses would still be operating
  • A strong Trump economy recovering from the Obama Marxist regime would still be the most dynamic and vibrant on earth. 
  • Trump’s lowest unemployment rates in decades would be even lower.
  • Black crime would not have skyrocketed during the counterfeit, Globalist pandemic, a pandemic that never existed except in the media and in people's imagination.
  • The pandemic hoax set the stage for what came next, which the real killer. The self-replicating, mRNA DNA modification Vaxx.
  • A Vaxx that creates self-replicating Spike proteins that modify humans into GMO, mutants.
  • The "Pandemic hoax" globalist fraud to destroy Europe and the USA failed because it did not create their One World Order by destroying and overthrowing America!

Trump and We The People Stopped It


Democrats were Struck with Terror
Fearful they will Hang

  • Democrats launched a nationwide scorched earth lightning war
  • Proliferated worldwide with more Marxist media diversions
  • Blacks, blacks … and more blacks dominated Jewish ‘news cycles’
  • They set up White police officer Derek Chauvin arresting a narcotics and counterfeit money dealer and Fentanyl addict
  • That addict was the Negro professional criminal George Floyd
  • The Purpose: send savage BLM Negroes and AntiFa communists into the streets to shut down metro cities across the nation.



  • Chaos
  • Mayhem
  • Riots
  • Rapes
  • Murders
  • Pillage and loot
  • Rampant Arson
  • Burn down all metro cities
  • Destroy all Anglo American businesses


It Couldn’t Be Just Anyone

Marxist media needed a White cop to ‘murder’ an ‘innocent’ Negro ‘victim.’ Evidence revealed that he died from a Fentanyl overdose, not from a cop choking him to death. He couldn't repeatedly keep screaming "I can't breathe" if he couldn't breathe. Democrat Marxist media set off another of the most destructive, nationwide waves of savage black riots, murder, rape, burglary and arson in U.S. history.


Black Anarchists Began Burning Down America

They gunned down police, set hundreds of police vehicles ablaze and burned down Precinct stations across the nation. Savage black mobs stormed the White House grounds and wounded several Secret Service agents. Black savages, with a smattering of white trash, radical leftists, Mexicans and Asians in the mix, waged riotous warfare by the tens of thousands nationwide.

  • Arson
  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Looting
  • Billions of Dollars lost through property destruction

Nationwide ‘instant-on-demand’ rioting coordinated by George Soros and Bill Ayers types spread nationwide overnight by Marxist media, and shut down every metro city in America!

It is unconscionable that any anarchist who engaged in this ‘scorched earth’ warfare against America is still alive, or any Democrat who set them free!


America Remains Open

Subversive Marxist Communist schemes to destroy America’s economy, our Nation and President Trump all failed.

Meanwhile, since that “Acquittal & Trial of the Century,” President Trump has shadow merged the outlaw ‘Federal Reserve’ with the U.S. Treasury. He set in motion the death of their Jewish usury debt system and stranglehold on Americans, which totaled trillions of dollars in debt-interest on counterfeit fiat money for 107 years.

In 1833, President Andrew Jackson killed the “2nd U.S. Bank” (Federal Reserve). Rothschild resurrected it in 1913 on Jekyll Island with the aid of traitor Woodrow Wilson who signed off on the unlawful, unratified Federal Reserve Act.

No other U.S. President since Andrew Jackson shut down the Rothschild fiat banking banking system. Not until President Donald J. Trump set in motion the mechanisms to do so. 

2016 to 2020 President Donald J. Trump


America entered into the greatest recovery since the Great Depression. President Trump slashed Interest debt and mandated lower and lower interest rates that approached zero. That never happened since the Revolutionary War, and not since the 1929 Depression manipulated by the 1913 Federal Reserve Act. Not since Rothschild violated the U.S Constitution, and took control of our money and the economy.

With our money, charged with debt interest, Rothschild operatives launched the Russian Bolshevik Revolutions, WWI, WWII, Korea, the Cold War, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. In addition to stripping American tax payers of multiple billions in payouts to bandit UN organizations and undeveloped 3rd World countries. The largest offender, the unlawful bandit state, Israel.

Americans still pay unlawful compounded debt interest on all wars since the Bolshevik revolution. Trillions of dollars have gone directly into the Rothchild's corrupt fiat money system!

President Trump dragged America’s enemies into the open from the shadows of their synagogues.

  • Citizen Patriots are fully aware
  • Stronger and more committed than ever!
  • The lines are drawn
  • Patriots can see the enemy, all of them
  • We can see White Hat PsyOps exposing them
  • We are defeating their entire conspiracy
  • Including the ‘Marxist Next Door’


This Won’t End Well for Traitors

  • Title 18 U.S. Criminal Codes—
    Up to 20 Years or Death
  • 1807 Insurrection Act
  • 18 U.S. Code § Chapter 115:
    Treason, Sedition, and Subversive Activities
  • 18 U.S. Code § 2383: Rebellion
  • 10 U.S. Code §§ 251-255. Ch. 13: Insurrection


Americans hear hammer blows and saws buzzing
The sound of Patriots and DoD building gallows

In Washington, D.C. Public Square
And in every Town Square across America


Covid 19 World War III by CW Nelson


The end of the old and a new beginning