Buy it. Read it. Hate it or Love it. I don’t care. Well I do, but I can’t control what you think. Not like I do with my characters, now can I.

Review it. Tell others what you think.

America is short on critical thinkers. Be one.

American Sovereign
Political Anarchy


American Sovereign takes high-tech leaps into the killing fields of international intrigue destroying America. Blitzkrieg action burns across every page from Switzerland to South America, Mexico and into the United States. The ultimate target.


RogueOps Novels wage tactical warfare in chronicles set in the near future. They are controversial action thrillers that make Anglo Americans think. The talking is over. Patriot Assassins make tactical strikes against the cultural destruction of political anarchy, media and academia.

    RogueOps Novels assault your senses with fast action thrillers. They target political anarchists, radical leftists, cartel gangland and White sex traffickers.

    Anglo America is at a critical turning point. Lawless political anarchy, illegal immigrant invasions and social subversion are destroying the fabric, social morals and culture that built America.

    RogueOps assassins explode onto the scene in this epic saga. They enforce the pre 1871 US Constitution and US Criminal Codes. SpecOps military contractors execute Law and Order where there is none. Vigilante justice worked in the Old West. It works now.


Dynamic characters paint action packed mental pictures you won’t soon forget. Nothing is flat about RogueOps. They move fast and break things.

You feel their rage
You hear them breathe
You are part of RogueOps