– American Vigilante

High tech military specialists deployed into the killing fields of international intrigue. RogueOps Mission: Hunt down secret files of a lost Nazi bunker. Intercept White sex traffickers. Kill illicit drug and firearm warlords.

Vigilante assassins leave a trail of blood from the South Pacific to the Azores. From the jungles of Argentina into Mexico. The trail blindsides RogueOps when they uncover a transnational regime staging a covert military invasion.

Target: United States of America.

Complicit federal judges capsize the US Constitution.  Political subversion and radical anarchists spread chaos nationwide. Civil order collapsed.

America polarized into two camps.
Patriots vs. neoBolsheviks.
The killing began.

RogueOps eliminate bad guys with US Title 18 Criminal codes, bullets and guts. Vigilante justice worked in the Old West. It works in this bloodstained war against America.

You feel their rage
You hear rifle shots
You become RogueOps


Hard Strike
– Nationalist Protocol

Heavy fog broke over a Pacific coast ridgeline. Blackhawks flew out of the blinding white at two hundred miles per hour, forty feet above San Francisco Bay. The military formation and hard thud of rotor blades sent a threatening message.

Something was wrong.

Four tech giants seized control of the Internet and silenced millions of patriotic citizens, politicians and even the president. They rigged national elections and covered up the final stages of a Marxist overthrow.

That's what was wrong.
It was only the beginning of nationwide civil and political chaos.

–NEWS ALERT– US military stormed Google, Facebook and YouTube. AntiFa and Blm gunned down in the streets.

California governor shot dead. San Francisco, Portland and Seattle mayors shot dead... Hold on! Military just seized CNN, NBC and —

Broadcasts went blank nationwide-
DoD Seals filled TV screens-


New Release :  September 2019


– Shadow Hunter

Inga sat alone at a little alfresco café. Jagged peaks trapped in snow and ice towered above the Tyrol valley. She took a sip of iced tea and watched a handsome young waiter set her lunch on the table. Inga caught his eye, smiled and winked. He turned red and walked off ruffled. The striking woman was way out of his league.

It was spring in Kitzbühel, Austria. You could still ski. The valley had come alive. Hillsides turned velvet green. Bright flowers bloomed. Songbirds filled the air. Sparkling creeks babbled full with melting snow.


Inga's glass shattered into a thousand pieces. She shoved the heavy table over. It crashed to the deck. Inga pulled her HK 9mm as two more rifle shots flashed across the valley. They ripped through the table. Wood shrapnel exploded across the café deck...


New Release :  December 2019






– Nationalist Protocol


– Shadow Assassins


– Shadow Hunter




CW Nelson is Blunt, Powerful


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